First GAME REVIEW!!!!!!!!: Devil May Cry 3

Devil May Cry is one of the most action packed games i have EVER seen. Devil May Cry 3 is the best one out of the whole series, well the old series on PS2 and the one old game on PS3 and Xbox360 Devil May Cry 4. They rebooted the whole series just in the beginning of this year and it did pretty well. Even though the new Dante is sorta cool… He cannot compare to the old awesome “I just wanna party” attitude Dante.  Anyway back to the Game review for Devil May Cry 3. This is one of those games that you can use strategy sometimes but it won’t get you very far. It’s better just to run in guns blazing, sword slashing, and speed running. The only times you really need strategy is when fighting bosses and the puzzle portions of the game.This photo is from a tumblr named Gaming Things That Make You Rage… Video Game bosses make most gamers rage all of the time, but Cerberus brings you to the point of near insanity. Of course he has a pretty genetic attack pattern throughout the fight, but this is what happens happens with Cerberus. His attack pattern switches every now and then so when you get used to how he is attacking, it will change and come back to bite you. Also you have to beat each of his heads individually which really makes anyone rage because the middle is always closest, but you literally have to kill the side heads first. Not only he looks intimidating at first glance and all else that I have just said, THIS GUY IS YOUR FIRST MAJOR BOSS!!!!!!! Knowing this, you must have some type of hardcore run and gun experience or something to even get near beating him especially when you get to this guy you only have three weapons, 2 guns and a sword.

This game has a killer soundtrack, that is if you like rock music blasting while you slash a demon in half while shooting another. The gameplay gives this game it’s popularity and name. The pace is so fast that you can easily miss large details of the game itself unless you are really watching for it. The combat is great, no AWESOME especially  because you can mow down an army of enemies and have certain styles. Each style has a certain ability. Like gunslinger gives all your guns an extra attack that you can use anytime and comes in very useful in most situations. In the middle of the game you fight a boss and get her weapon which is a rocket launcher. The rockets are crazy powerful as is, but when you are a gunslinger, Dante is able to shove the front of the launcher in the the ground and he shoots it and creates miniature rockets that follows enemies until it hits them. Music is 9.3/10, Visuals is 8.7/10, Gameplay10/10, Plot10/10 Overall score is 9.5/10. Hope you enjoyed the review and try this game out for yourself if you haven’t.

From the pictures Below can you tell me who looks less serious in the comments?

The new Dante from the Reboot

The new Dante from the Reboot

The old Dante, Specifically from Devil May Cry 3
The old Dante, Specifically from Devil May Cry 3

2 responses to “First GAME REVIEW!!!!!!!!: Devil May Cry 3

  1. There is no simple way to beat it, but you can beat it with using simple actions like shooting whatever moves.

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